Worshiping Together during the Coronavirus Crisis

31 May 2020 – Pentecost

During this time when we can’t meet together to worship, the Rev Steve Mann, superintendent minister of the Buckingham, Bicester and Brackley Methodist Circuit is recording a Sunday morning service. To join today’s service please click here (note the service will be available to watch at any time through to next Saturday evening)

Rev Pat’s regular ‘Thoughts for the Day’ can be found here.

‘Can I Just Say Something’ the blog from our Mission Outreach Worker, Malcolm Bromhall, can be found here.

Meanwhile, as we journey from Easter to Pentecost, Rev Steve Mann has recorded a series of reflections which can be found here.


Thy Kingdom Come is a prayer initiative which runs from Ascension Day (21st May) through to Pentecost Sunday (31st May).  Originally started by the Church of England, the initiative is now supported by churches of all denominations worldwide.

A key theme of the national initiative is caring alongside praying. Here are five ideas on how we can care and love those we know, even when we are socially distanced.
                                                                                                                                                                  1. Keep up contact. Make a phone call, send an email, letter or card saying that you are praying for them at this time.
2. Keep an eye out for the anniversaries of life events. Make that phone call to let people know you care.
3. Send a small gift or book purchased on line, maybe insert life words etc.
4. Serve where you can in delivering groceries or medications.
5. Make sure the people you pray for know how much you value them by whatever means you can find.
Inspiring videos related to this year and previous years can be viewed at https://www.thykingdomcome.global/videos


Due to the Covid-19 virus crisis, ALL face-to-face activities at the Methodist Church, including Sunday services, are cancelled until further notice.

For further information, support or in an emergency, please contact the Rev Patricia Olivent-Hayes on 01280 706062/07970 426549 or our Mission Outreach Worker, Malcolm Bromhall on 07887 947569.

To see the latest Methodist Church Coronavirus Guidance and Resources … click here.


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