Brackley Methodist Church
Minister Revd Sara Cliff
Tel: 01280 423287
Mobile: 07974 784059
Email: revdsarapcliff@gmail.com

Regular Morning Worship at Brackley Methodist Church takes place every Sunday at 10.30am. As is traditional in Methodism, our services are led by a variety of preachers, both lay and ordained, mostly from the 3B’s Circuit, though occasionally from further afield. This means we have the chance to experience a variety of approaches to worship. We are a small but  friendly group of people and we love to welcome new people to worship with us. Wherever you are in your journey of faith, we look forward to welcoming you.

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Our Lent Liturgy for 2023 follows the Methodist Way of Life  which provides 12 commitments and practices that encourage us to respond to God’s love and live better Christian lives: pray, worship, notice, care, learn, open, serve, flourish, challenge, tell, live, share. Each of our reflections will be based on one of these 12 commitments. So,join us as we journey through Lent, so that together we may celebrate on Easter Day.

Lent 5 – 26.03.2023 PASSION SUNDAY

lent 5

Our Commitment for the day is “Tell”
Our symbol for the day is a “Bible”
Our reflection is based on John 11:1-45

V3 “Lord, your dear friend is ill”……&…….V40 ”Didn’t I tell you, you would see God’s glory if you believe”

Telling it as it is isn’t always easy, the truth and it’s realisation can be painful.
O God, you tell me that you love me in sight and sound and sense Thank you
O God, the Bible proclaims your very being indwelling in your people Thank you
The life of Jesus tells of the depth of your commitment to us Thank you
The compassion of Jesus to his friends shows such love Thank you
The passion and the death of Jesus tells of the immensity of you love for us Thank you
Let me be able to tell your story loud and clear Thank you
Give me the words, the courage, love and strength Thank you
Let me tell it again and again and again from the depths of my being


We welcome families in both happy and sad moments for Christian services.
Baptisms: These take place in our regular morning service.
Weddings: We are delighted when people wish to get married here, and we will do everything that we can to make your day as special as possible. In getting married in church, or in having a blessing, as well as coming to the traditional place of weddings, you are also saying that you wish God to be involved in your married life together.
Funerals: It is a privilege for us to conduct Funerals or Services of Thanksgiving for people who have died.  It is a chance for people to celebrate the life of the person and share memories as well as saying goodbye.
For more information please contact our Minister.

1662318201-u0Oq76uZDISTRICT PRAYER DIARY 2022/2023

The District Prayer Diary has one page for each of the Circuits and a page for a number of other topics.

Click this link to see a copy of the 2022-2023 District Prayer Diary



A Methodist Way of Life is a way of living. It is how we try to live our lives in response to God’s love, made known to us in Jesus. To find out more about a Methodist Way Of Life click HERE or watch the video below:


To Join the Methodist Way of Life – Discipleship Pathways Facebook group click here
  • To see the latest Methodist Church Coronavirus Guidance … click here.

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