Sunday 18 October 2020

Brackley Methodist Church is now re-open for Sunday morning worship at 10.30am. There are a number of measures that we have been required to put in place in order to re-open … PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ OUR COVID SECURE POLICIES BEFORE JOINING US FOR WORSHIP.  

Please also visit our NOTICE page.

We understand that some of you will still not feel that you are ready to come out and meet with other people.  Please do not feel under an obligation to do so.  We hope you will pause at 10.30am to pray for the whole congregation and light a candle if you can. At the same time we will light a candle in the church and pray for you.

In the meantime, the Rev Steve Mann, superintendent minister of the Buckingham, Bicester and Brackley Methodist circuit will continue to broadcast an on-line Sunday morning service. To join today’s service please click HERE (note the service will be available to watch at any time through to next Saturday evening).

Rev Pat’s regular ‘Thoughts for the Day’ can be found here.

‘Can I Just Say Something’ the blog from our Mission Outreach Worker, Malcolm Bromhall, can be found here.


The Methodist Church has launched a Year of Prayer online to help bring more people to faith. For further details click here.

Please note, Sunday morning worship is the only event that the church is currently open for. The building remains closed for all other groups and activities. For further information, support or in an emergency, please contact the Rev Patricia Olivent-Hayes on 01280 706062/07970 426549 or our Mission Outreach Worker, Malcolm Bromhall on 07887 947569.

To see the latest Methodist Church Coronavirus Guidance and Resources … click here.

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