Weekly Message from Rev’d Sara Cliff

Sunday 23 January 2022

sara cliff

Rev’d Sara has been off this week so there is no new reflection this Sunday, however in case you didn’t catch up with last week’s offering see below.

Brackley Town Memorial Game

Brackley Town were due to have played Kettering Town on Boxing Day, but the match was postponed due to Covid issues. The Memorial Game fixture finally took place this week (on Tuesday January 11). Rev’d Sara had written a piece for the original programme, but as the club said in Tuesday’s programme: ‘These poignant words are just as relevant for today’s re-arrangement fixture’. Sara has requested that we share them as her reflection this week.

One of my Festive Traditions is following the Christmas Charts to see who is Number One, at the time of writing Ed Sheeran and Elton John’s Merry Christmas top the list… the lyrics are poignant.

While we’re here, can we spare a thought for the ones who have gone’, is a line that stopped me in my tracks amidst the festive fun song.

You may have come to Brackley Town especially today to hear the name read out of the person you have loved and lost.  Each time you hear their name, your heart may skip a beat.  It does not matter whether your loss is over the last month, year or longer the memories of those who have shaped us is powerful.

Football is a team sport and supporting one another at sad times is important.  Keep talking to one another, keep remembering their birthdays and anniversaries, keep sharing those special memories and yes, make the visits to their final resting places if you find this helpful.

Christmas is a focus time, when we all gather to share the love and friendships of those who are in our friendship and family groups.

Football clubs are a community and here you can find space to share your memories, remember with love and continue your journey until you meet again.

That is a promise ‘We will meet again’.

Love and Prayers Rev’d Sara.